he public library is an important cultural establishment in Sergiev Posad and its region. The Gorlovsky municipal library now acts as the center of information, education and culture and it tries to comply with the demands of the present day.
        Traditionally one of the important tasks is to make the town's cultural life more diverse and interesting the library helps to educate its readers organizing numerous exhibitions, seminars, lectures, conferences, concerts and excursions.
        Several years ago the library decided to set up special "Hobby Clubs" for the readers and for the citizens of the town in general. The idea of creating such clubs found a ready echo in Sergiev Posad and was welcomed by the town.
        The staff of the library is very creative and ingenious. Presentations of new books and publications prepared by the librarians alternate with literary evenings and different memorial meetings.
        The library works in close contact with the mass media of the town.
        As a highly respectable cultural institution of the town our library does its utmost to preserve traditions but life never stands still and traditions of the past work only when they are integrated into the present. That is why the library always tries to keep up with the pace of modern life searching for new unconventional ways of communicating with people , of bringing them together in order to overcome the disconnection which is so characteristic of modern society.
        The library is doing its best to breathe new life into the manes of unjustly forgotten compatriots: Pavel Florensky, Sergey Volkov, Ilya Matcheret.
        In 1995 a new readers' club was opened in the library: "The Gorlovsky Literary Club". The members of the club help the librarians to organize meetings, conferences, exhibitions etc. There are two more readers' clubs in the library. One of them, "Chronos" was set up in 1985 especially for those who are interested in history in general and in the local history in particular. Nowadays the members of this club study the local lore trying to discover new facts. By now thy have made great contributions to the knowledge of the local history and have greatly enriched the exposition of the Museum of the local lore. One of their mein activities is the publishing of "The local lore bulletin".
        The library's study of the local history is closely connected with the efforts to revive religion. The library considers it one of its main goals to bring the religion back to life to restore people's respect to it in the town of the Trinity Sergius Lavra, in the town named after one of the main Russian saints -St. Sergius of Radonezh.
        In 1990 love of poetry brought people together in a new readers' club "The Manuscript". Twice a moth the library opens its doors for those who try to express themselves in verse. These people are of different ages but they are united by their mutual love for poetry. The members of "The Manuscript" take part in the library's evenings and literary concerts.
        The library holds regular evenings devoted to the outstanding citizens of the town.
        People greatly enjoy our musical concerts "Sunday meetings". We used to invite professional singers and musicians for these concerts but recently decided to invite local talents- teachers and students of local musical schools. We are very pleased to realize that our activity finds a ready response in our readers and in the citizens of the town in general. In 1998-1999 we are planning to organize several evenings dedicated to Alexandre Pushkin.
        Another important part of the library's activity are the meetings with veterans of the WWII. The atmosphere of these memorial meetings is always warm and sincere.
        We pay our special attention to the work with children and teen-agers. The importance of the library has recently increased because new educational tendencies and new standards put forward new tasks and goals for pupils and students. Who now need to have much more knowledge to comply with the demands of the time. There are new special schools and institutes in Sergiev Posad . The educational sphere of life in our town is rapidly developing that is why it is no wonder that the reading hall of the library is always filled to overflowing.
        The demands of the readers are so different that the librarians have to know a lot to provide the quality service. Every day almost 500 readers come to the library which proves that we manage to satisfy the readers' needs.
        Since 1996 when the library became municipal it has been playing an important role in forming the cultural and intellectual aspect of the town's life.
        Together with performing its educational and cultural duties the library now acts as a political center of our town. There is public reception room of the Governor of Moscow region in the library.
        Unfortunately cultural institutions in Russia are now facing sever financial difficulties which forced the library to introduce some paid services. This money is usually spent on enriching the library's funds and decorating the library's premises.
        To mark the 60th anniversary the library published a book " The Library Was Named After Him."
        At present we are trying to automate the library processes. It is a demanding task for us but we are studying the experience of other libraries, we are looking for partners and

we will gladly accept any help.
        60 years is the age of maturity. On the other hand it is the age of revival. For us it is, first of all, the time to reconsider our mission, it is the time to look for new ways and new opportunities.

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